Introducing The SoloWheel Glide 3

The SoloWheel Glide 3: There were no other self-balancing vehicles before Segways. In the following years, hoverboards swept the nation. The self-balancing vehicle’s future should be considered now. The self-balancing electric unicycle, SoloWheel Glide 3, is a fun and convenient way to get around town.

“Glide” around in one of these for a while, and the Techyfaisi team is here to share our thoughts on the experience.

The Features and Technical Specifications of the SoloWheel G3

Solowheel Glide 3

Electric unicycles (EUCs) that are able to balance on their own are known as SoloWheels (not our term). On a single charge, the SoloWheel can go 19 miles per hour and travel a distance of 31 miles. We advise against accelerating this vehicle to its maximum speed all at once.

The range of the SoloWheel is also an important benefit. Aside from leaving the charger at home or somewhere you frequently visit, you should be fine. Weight is a price to pay for all that power and range. Due to its size and weight, the SoloWheel isn’t the best option for transporting around town. Then there’s the fact that it can’t climb stairs.

A retractable handle is included in the SoloWheel Glide 3 to make the wheel more like a suitcase. When you’re not riding, you can just grab it and go.

Here you will find all the other specifications.

True or False: Is it difficult to ride?

We won’t hold anything back when we speak our minds to you. Riding the SoloWheel comes with a learning curve, no doubt.

At first, it can be difficult to keep your equilibrium. Any forward or backward lean will initiate movement on the SoloWheel thanks to its high sensitivity. When you first start out, I highly recommend holding onto something secure. Ensure that it is not something that can be ripped out of the wall…

For the best results, practise swaying from side to side while positioned in a narrow space between two doors. Grab the doorway on both sides and rock back and forth. Your body and mind need to know that you trust them. Take it for a spin after you’ve practised it a few times without holding on to anything. We recommend picking a nearby wall or table and riding over to it while maintaining your balance.

Ride it for longer distances in the parking lot after you’ve practised in the office (we don’t recommend doing this in the office).

After about three days of practise, you should be able to get around town on it. In the end, it all comes down to trust and a sense of proportion. You’ll be good to go once you’ve mastered those skills.


There are no discounts available for the SoloWheel Glide 3. It is available for purchase for $899 in the United States. It’s still a well-made machine, and as such, it’s a bargain.

Toy or mode of transportation, the SoloWheel Glide 3 is an excellent option to take into consideration. Just make sure you’re riding in safety gear!

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