Hacks HBO Max will return to Season 2 as a comedy remake. Complete Info

Hacks HBO Max announced today that it has renewed its Max Original Hacks franchise for the second season. The critically acclaimed comedy has been one of the platform’s best performers since its debut, making it consistently ranked among the ten most-viewed titles of available content.

Creators Paul W. Downs, Lucia Enello, and Jane Statsky are exploring the dark tutorial created in Season 1 between Las Vegas comedian Amy Winner, Smarty Smart Deborah Vance, and 25-year-old fired (Hannah Ian Binder). The season ends on Thursday, June 10 with the last two episodes.

He called the New York series

“very new and completely unique,” while Variety said it would be a “fashion hit.” The Chicago Sun-Times described it as “instantly charming, sharp and funny,” while the New York Times called it “the best career for Smart,” and the Hollywood Reporter described Smart as “himself and here’s his.” The main character “declared.” He congratulated. Weekly Entertainment wrote:

“Smartan Smart and Hannah Einbinder are being assassinated as controversial comedians,” and Twitter fans have hacked the hackers to the highest level of Jeanaissance.

Sarah O’Brien, head of Hacks HBO Max’s original content division, said: “We immediately learned that Lucia, Paul and Jane had brought us the winner. Our partners at Universal.

“We were shocked by the positive response from the hackers: we are grateful to everyone who listened to this remake show and then wanted to see it with a friend. Thank you so much for being able to continue and for our partners!” Great cast and crew. We don’t know! Soon creators and exhibitors Paul W. Downs, Lucia Enello and Jane Statsky.

Star Smartan Smart added: “I’m glad we performed in two seasons and Hannah is a ‘better guy’, now Bette and Joan! Guess who BETTE is? !!”

In addition to Smart and Einbinder,

The first season of Hacks feature Carl Clemons-Hopkins and regular guest stars Keithlin Olson. Christopher McDonalds, Paul W. Downs, Mark Indelicato, Poppy Liu, Johnny Sibylly, Meg Stalter and Rose Abdoo. The series is produce and present by Paul W. Downs, Lucia Enello and Jane Statsky.

For the first season, Downs and Enello produce their posters with 3 artistic entertainments. Including Paleo, Statsky’s First Thought Productions, and Emmy winners Michael Shore, Fremolon, David Miner, and Morgan Sect. The studio is Universal Television, a subsidiary of Universal Studios Group.

The first season of Hack is currently on Hacks HBO Max, with the last two episodes airing on June 10.

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